What is FBC?

The bunnies are pure aggression. Not really. 

Full Bunny Contact is an INSANE Easter Carnival.

There are games, events and booths. All of them related to Easter in some way. You could be there 30 minutes, you could be there for 3 hours. You roam around and enjoy yourself and leave when either the shift changes (at 7 pm on Friday and Saturday) or when the event is over (all other times)

In addition to the games and such there will be live DJ's and a dance floor, food trucks, a bar and special events each day, like a Bunny Beauty Pageant, Egg Decorating contests and more.

The games,  booths, and events (subject to change) are the following:


FBC: The Game

FBC is headlined by this crazy event. Two people at a time, armed with Easter Baskets, are put in a caged-in field and will have 60 seconds to collect as many plastic eggs stuffed with redeemable coupons for prizes as they can. Once the shot clock goes off they start. There are three large Bunnies, however, trying to stop you from being successful. This isn't a football game, wrestling match or an MMA fight. The key here is agility, quickness and  smarts. You are not allowed to strike, grab or push the bunnies. Any illegal contact will automatically disqualify you. The bunnies are only allowed to target your eggs. They can block them, move them, kick them, grab them from your hand and swat them out of your basket.

To be clear, this isn't Vegas. The eggs are indeed filled with redeemable coupons for prizes, but no matter how successful you are, you are not paying your rent with the winnings. Most eggs will be filled with vouchers for prizes like gift certificates, baked goods, extra tickets, stuffed animals, tchotchkes and the like. There will be some that can be redeemed for dolla dolla bills ya'll. This event is designed to bring out the athlete in you. You do it because it's fun and you want to defeat the bunnies.

10 Tickets

Shoot the Peep

You've heard of shoot the freak? Well, there you go. Shoot a human being wearing a giant Peep costume and win the happiness that comes with doing something like that, you big jerk.

4 Tickets

Raw Egg Putt

It is exactly what it sounds like. You try and putt in a raw egg into a hole from three distances:  four feet, six feet and ten feet. Of course the prizes escalate accordingly.

4 Tickets

Jelly Beaned

Knock over stacks of bunnies of various sizes with jelly beans. The more you knock over, the better the prize. Practice at your house. The rats will love it.

3 Tickets

Hare-y Up

Not for the weak or unhealthy. Strap on a forty pound tortoise shell and race against an actual rabbit. If you win, you win a prize. And of course, glory.

4 Tickets

Take a Picture With the Creepy Easter Bunny

You can sit in the Easter Bunny's lap and tell him what you want for Easter. But be careful, he's a total creeper. Take home an awesome photo!

10 Tickets

Chicken Scratch

Compete against a giant chicken in a game of Tic Tac Toe. Beat him three times in a row and win a bigger prize. But you'll look stupid doing this, and he is allowed to tickle you with a feather.

3 Tickets

ESP-ster Island

Throw a hoop around one of the famous Easter Island Heads. Throw it around the gold one and win the biggest prize. Oh, and you are blindfolded and the idols are moved after the blindfold is put on. It's very telepathic.

3 Tickets

Little Bunny FuFu's Revenge

Stuffed bunnies are thrown at you like a baseball.  Your bat - a mallet.  When they are pitched to you...bop them on their head.  The farther you hit them, the better the prize.

3 Tickets

Keister Bunny

We love puns as much as we love games based on them. This one isn't much of a game, though. You stick your hand in a nasty bunny butt sculpture and pull out... Candy!

2 Tickets

Easter Service

More fun puns! With a tennis ball and a tennis racket you have to expertly serve the ball onto different targets on a map. Hit the most difficult targets and get the best prizes.

3 Tickets

Dunk the Savior

Yep, we went there. But all in good fun. Dunk Jesus and win a truck if and only if he walks on water. Other than that your prize is merely enormous satisfaction of being such an amazing pitcher.

4 Tickets

Psychotic Bunny Fortune Teller

No prize here. Just a minute of a psychotic rabbit telling you your fortune. Rather, screaming at you your fortune. Which is a prize in itself.

4 Tickets

Other Events:

With your entry you can also enjoy several special events that will take place in addition to the regular happenings. Please visit our Special Events Page to find out more.

Thursday, April 17th at 8 PM: Bunny Beauty Pageant.  Do you have a beautiful and talented bunny?  Let us know! Otherwise, watch the contestants vie for the top prize and participate in the selection of the winner.  Big Prizes!

Friday, April 18th at 5 PM: Egg Decorating Contest.  Are you an egg artist?  Join us with your egg decorating kit and let's do this.  Only 8 contestants and 10 minutes to decorate.  The audience will decide the winner. Again...Big Prizes!

Saturday, April 19th at 3 PM: Temper Tantrum Easter Candy Contest (12 and under). Hey parents, do you own a brat? Well, now they can win something for being the best brat.  They want candy, lots of it, and we have candy, lots of it.  Up to 8 contestants can participate in a "who can throw the best tantrum for Easter sweets" contest.  The most obnoxious tantrum wins a disgusting amount of candy.  The audience chooses the winner. May the best brat win.

Saturday, April 19th at 10 pm: Temper Tantrum Easter Candy Contest (21 or over).  Second verse, same as the first with one exception - grown ups! Oh, and no candy.  Not in the literal sense. Your prizes will be more adult.  It will be adult candy.  But the rules are the same.  We will be taking whiners and complainers that want to participate at the event.

Sunday, April 20th at 6 PM:  The Masters of Egg Putt.  We will have spent 3.5 days of contestants trying to get a raw egg in a hole.  All the people who have gotten the egg in at least the second hole (there are three) without breaking get to participate in a winner take all finale on our last day.  And guess what?  Big Prizes!

I Wanna Go...What the Heck Do I Do?

Upon your arrival at FBC you will go to the box office if you don't have an advanced ticket and buy one for entry. Both advanced tickets and BO tickets are merely entry tix, but if you bought advance tickets with Booth Tickets then you take your ticket and go straight inside and redeem it for game tickets at the Ticket Booth.  At the Box office you can only buy Entry Only tickets and you purchase Booth Tickets at the Ticket Booth inside a la carte (it doesn't have the bonus packages that advance tickets do, though). You can also buy VIP tickets at the Box Office.

FBC: The Game can only be done more than once upon availability. If you have a VIP ticket you are guaranteed to do it twice, but only twice.

VIP guests get wrist bands instead of tickets allowing you to play up to two times any booth with a prize associated with it, and "all you can play" for booths that don't (except the photo booth and food vendors). All VIP guests get one FREE picture with the Creepy Easter Bunny.