$5 - Admission  Only (Available only at the door based on availability)

$25 - Admission + three of the four events (Saves you a buck.  Hey, it's something)

Age Range:  This is a 16 plus event. This year we feature family hours for under 16 and families to come and enjoy the event in a less adult atmosphere.  Everyone is welcome though at anytime. It is not "inappropriate" in the way that parents are normally concerned about such things. 

Family Hour Pricing:

$10 only! - Admission + two of the four events

Tuesday, March 22nd:

6 to 8 pm (General Public)

Wednesday, March 23rd:

6 to 11 pm (General Public)

Thursday, March 24th:

6 to 11 pm (General Public)

Friday, March 25th:

4 to 5:45 pm (Family Hours)                       6 to 9:45 pm (General Public)                    10pm to 2am (Special Gay Night Dance Party POWERED BY SCRUFF)

Saturday, March 26th:

1 to 2:30 pm (Family Hours)            3-11pm (General Public)  

Sunday March 27th:

10 am to 1pm (Family Hours)                        1 to 4pm (General Public)

At La Tea at The Clemente  on the Second Floor located at 107 Suffolk St., between Rivington and Delancey Streets