Special Events

Special Events:

With your entry you can also enjoy several special events that will take place in addition to the regular happenings. Please visit our Special Events Page to find out more. To sign up for any of these events please email: Fullbunnycontact@gmail.com 



Tuesday, March 22 6:30 PM:  Inexorably strange Easter related stand-up comedy half-hour: for 30 minutes various stand-up comics will perform routines full of painful one-liners related to Easter and the Easter Bunny.  They will try their best, but the subject matter will pose too much of a challenge.  Luckily for us, we will have eggs to throw at them.


Wednesday, March 23 7PM: Egg Toss For the Ages: participants sign up at the event to participate in an epic game of egg toss. Real eggs meet real dumb idea.  Winner is honored with a well earned prize.


Thursday, March 24 8 PM: Bunny Beauty Pageant.  (Featured on Live! With Kelly & Michael) 

 Do you have a beautiful and talented bunny?  Let us know! Otherwise, watch the contestants vie for the top prize and participate in the selection of the winner.  Big Prizes!


Friday, March 25 at 5 PM: Egg Decorating Contest. 

Are you an egg artist?  Join us with your egg decorating kit and let's do this.  Only 8 contestants and 10 minutes to decorate.  The audience will decide the winner. Again...Big Prizes!


Friday, March 25 at 10 PM: Full Bunny Contact Closes and Reopens for an after hour Gay Event

This event is Powered by SCRUFF and will feature Special new games more info here


Saturday, March 26 at 2 PM: Temper Tantrum Easter Candy Contest (12 and under).

Hey parents, do you own a brat? Well, now they can win something for being the best brat.  They want candy, lots of it, and we have candy, lots of it.  Up to 8 contestants can participate in a "who can throw the best tantrum for Easter sweets" contest.  The most obnoxious tantrum wins a disgusting amount of candy.  The audience chooses the winner. May the best brat win.


Saturday, March 26 at 10 pm: Temper Tantrum Easter Candy Contest (21 or over). 

Second verse, same as the first with one exception - grown ups! Oh, and no candy.  Not in the literal sense. Your prizes will be more adult.  It will be adult candy.  But the rules are the same.  We will be taking whiners and complainers that want to participate at the event.


Sunday, March 27 at 3 PM:   Bonnet Contest! Big Prize!