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“A saucey and decidedly secular event…not as wholesome as the annual

White House Easter Egg Roll.” – New York Times


“An Easter carnival filled with maniacal bunnies bent on destruction…People enter a caged arena armed only with an Easter basket and their own aggression.”

 – New York Post


“Demented!”- Next Magazine


“Guaranteed Pandemonium..Terrifyingly Fun..This Ain’t your Mama’s Easter celebration!”   - Time Out New York










(107 Suffolk Street, NYC)


(New York, NY) – The big bad bunnies are back! Pure insanity and spectacle return to Manhattan this spring, as Lug Nut Entertainment (Dan Demello & Nathaniel Nowak) announce plans for the second annual FULL BUNNY CONTACT, an extreme egg hunt and twisted five day Easter attraction where participants battle angry bunnies for cash, candy and prizes. Created by Timothy Haskell and conceived and directed by John Harlacher, 2015's FULL BUNNY CONTACT is riotous adventure attraction for kids and adults alike. This year’s attraction features an additional day of play and the only Bunny Warrior Joust in NYC! FBC will also feature various demented games of skill, food, music, live entertainment and will run April 1st – 5th at the Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street (between Rivington and Delancey Sts.) on Manhattan’s lower east side.

FBC is an Easter egg hunt cranked into insane overdrive. Participants are locked inside a 20X20 foot steel cage with three hulking Easter bunnies, all of whom are hell bent on destruction. Your destruction. It’s a true test of agility, stamina and quick wit. Should you steal their prize laden eggs and win out against these rabid rabbits in a riveting 60 second battle to the finish, you’ll be awarded one of the many prizes that range from stellar to… well… complete crap. 

But more than that, FBC is an Easter carnival amped up to eleven. Surrounding the cage match are various games (all related to Easter) that will challenge you, and ultimately make you a better person in every way.

When it first opened its doors last year, thousands of people stepped inside FULL BUNNY CONTACT to battle the bunnies, converse with FBC’s psychotic fortune telling rabbit, battle a 5 foot chicken in Tic-Tac-Toe, shoot a giant marshmallow peep with a paintball gun, and so much more. It was an overwhelming success. This year’s event takes on a decidedly sportier tone but with the same warped and zany flavor that makes it FBC.

FBC is the perfect attraction for: adventurers, tough guys, gamers, selfie obsessed teenage girls, gym rats, obnoxious children, competitive moms, passive aggressives, famous people, gay men, apologists, narcissists, spoiled brats, lovers, ghetto superstars, sports fans, theater queens, over achievers, thrill seekers, teens with acne, MTA workers, meglamaniacs, hipsters, party animals, analytical types, stressed out personal assistants, athletes, losers, religious folks (well except Westboro Baptists. They were really mean to us last year), fitness fantatics, Wall Street types, politicians and bff’s.

FBC is designed to bring out the competitive in you. You do it because it's fun and you want to defeat the bunnies. This year’s lineup of challenging game booths and attractions that get the adrenaline pumping include:


·       RIDE THE RABID RABBIT: Jump on the back of an oversized mechanical bunny who’s foaming at the mouth and wants nothing more than to toss you into oblivion.

·       SHOOT THE PEEP: Shoot a giant marshmallow peep with a paintball gun…because it’s awesome.

·       BUNNY BALL: You and a pal will try to shoot baskets against a bunny defender. Oh, but the basket is moving and the bunny has a giant carrot he can use to knock down them balls.

·       EGG PUTT: A nutty three-hole golf course. The catch? You are putting an egg. Each day's champion will be invited back to compete in a special event: Masters of Raw Egg Putt. Win glory, or get egg on your face!

·       TAKE A PHOTO WITH THE INSULT BUNNY: This bunny is a jerkface jerk, who got thrown out of jerk school. But he has to let you take a photo with him. It doesn't mean he has to like it.  But you will!

·       PSYCHOTIC BUNNY FORTUNE TELLER: This bunny can see into your dark future ... And he will scream it at you!

·       E.S.P.ster ISLAND: Throw a hoop around one of the famous Easter Island Heads. Throw it around the gold one and win the big prize. Oh, and you are blindfolded as the idols are moved around. It's very telepathic.

·      LITTLE BUNNY FU FU'S REVENGE/ BUNNY WARRIOR JOUST: On this podium is a champion warrior bunny, armed with a foam stick. On the other podium: you. You also have a foam stick.  One of you is getting knocked off.

Director John Harlacher says: "FULL BUNNY CONTACT is about shaking off the dreariness of winter and doing battle with costumed characters! It's as fun to watch as it is to play.  It's a video game come to life, and a new Easter tradition."

“The magic of Easter egg hunting shouldn’t die because you’re considered too old for it,” says producer Dan Demello. “FBC brings back the pure fun you had hunting for eggs as a kid, but launches it into extreme mode. Last year we had toddlers battling the bunnies one minute, college roommates the next and retirees too! When we say it’s a battle for all ages we mean it.”

In addition to the dynamic games, dance parties, food stations and on-site bar, FBC also features special events including the FBCBunny Beauty Pageant, where one wascily wabbit will be named the official 2015 FBC mascot and the extremely popular FBC Temper Tantrum Contest where one local obnoxious child will be crowned “NYC’s Biggest Brat” and win a disgusting amount of sweets.

FULL BUNNY CONTACT features conception and direction by John Harlacher, and artistic design by David Hinkle.

Producers of FULL BUNNY CONTACT are Daniel Demello and Nathaniel Nowak (Lug Nut Entertainment).

For the full weekend schedule and more information visit:

Admission to FULL BUNNY CONTACT is $10 - $60 and available at




WHO:  Lug Nut Entertainment presents


WHEN: Wednesday April 1st – Sunday, April 5th  (hours vary)

WHERE: The Clemente

(107 Suffolk St., between Rivington and Delancey Sts.)

TICKETS: $10 - $60 at