I’m A Pretty Lazy Thinker and Like Things Spelled Out For Me.  Can You Explain in The Most Obvious Way Possible What The Hell Full Bunny Contact Is?

FBC is an extreme Egg Hunt.  The headline event is FBC.  You are locked inside a steel cage with one other person and before you lay dozens of Easter eggs.  You are given a basket to collect said eggs.  Once the shot clock goes off you have forty seconds to collect as many eggs as you can.  Collect as many eggs as you can for chances to win prizes of varying levels! Now, some of the prizes are very good, including cash, but you are not paying your rent with the winnings and there won’t be any X-Boxes for prizes.  But you will be glad you won them.  The wrinkle in all of this is that there are three large men in Bunny costumes who will be doing everything in their power to keep you from getting those eggs.  There is no pushing, shoving, wrestling… none of that - from either opponent.  This is a game of wits, cunning, agility and speed. Any aggressive physicality will not be tolerated and will accompany immediate disqualification.

One can watch the proceedings and enjoy the competition before and after participating.  You also don’t have to participate at all if you don’t like.  There are various other games (see the About page) that you can play.  There are games of skill and games that are just plain fun.  There is a café area, a bar, a DJ and a dance floor.  

Remember how much you enjoyed Easter when you were young?  This is all that stuff…on steroids.

Who Is This Event For?

Anyone who enjoys celebrating holidays, likes a little healthy ironic fun, and has a penchant for sport.  FBC is fun for everyone, and this is one of those events where that is actually true. 2014 & 2015s events saw everyone from toddlers to teenagers to families to college roommates to drinking buddies to couples to coworkers and even retirees.  There is indeed something for everyone.   If you are going to bring kids, Family Hours will be great for you!

So, What is the Age Range Then?

Generally this event is more geared for 16 plus. 

However we do have Family Hours for parents to bring anyone under 16 to enjoy the competitions! 

What If I Don’t Want to Play Any Games, Can I Just Hang Out?

Yes, we have an Entry Only ticket ($5).  You can just hang out and watch people make fools of themselves in the main event, or dance on the dance floor, or just roam around and soak in the holiday spirit.  If you decide you want to participate, you can purchase vouchers for any of the games, individually.  You can a la carte it as much as you’d like!


When Should I Get There And How Long Can I Stay?

Pay close attention when you are buying tickets for which day and time that you would like to attend (we sell tickets in hour intervals). We think it should take about an hour for you to enjoy most of the events.

Is There a bar?

Yes! It is a beer and wine bar.  Of course there are soft drinks as well. 

Is There Food?

Popcorn and other snacks

Is It Handicap Accessible?

alas, it is on the second floor of a historic building.  As of right now there is no elevator, so unfortunately it is not.

What Should I Wear?

Some of the events ask you to show your athleticism.  So you should dress accordingly.  You can also wear your Sunday’s Best if you’d like, but don’t get mad at us if they get messed up a little.