I’m A Pretty Lazy Thinker and Like Things Spelled Out For Me.  Can You Explain in The Most Obvious Way Possible What The Hell Full Bunny Contact Is?

We are calling it an extreme Egg Hunt and Easter Carnival/ Fair/ Festival or what ever synonym you can come up with.  Basically the main event is FBC.  You get put into a cage with one other person and before you lay a hundred plastic Easter eggs.  You are given a basket to collect said eggs.  Once the shot clock goes off you have one minute to collect as many eggs as you can.  Inside most eggs are vouchers that represent prizes/ money.  Once you are done you take those vouchers to the prize booth and redeem them and receive your prize/ money.  Now, some of the prizes are very good, and there is some cash, but you are not paying your rent with the cash and there won’t be any X-Boxes for prizes.  But you will be glad you won them.  The wrinkle in all of this is that there are three large men in Bunny costumes who will be doing everything in their power to keep you from getting those eggs.  There is no pushing, shoving, wrestling… none of that - from either opponent.  This is a game of wits, cunning, agility and speed. Any aggressive physicality will not be tolerated and will accompany immediate disqualification.

One can watch the proceedings and enjoy the competition before and after participating.  You also don’t have to participate at all if you don’t like.  There are 13 other booths (see the About page) that you can join.  There are games of skill, and games that are just fun.  There is a café area, a bar, a DJ spinning the entire time, and a dance floor.  This is something you could spend a lot of time at and have a blast. 

You can honor the reason for the season in your way in the morning (or not).  Remember how much you enjoyed the “other” part of Easter when you were young?  This is all that stuff…on steroids.

Who Is This Event For?

Anyone who enjoys celebrating holidays, likes a little healthy ironic fun, and has a penchant for sport.  FBC is fun for everyone, and this is one of those events where that is actually true.  There is indeed something for everyone.   If you are going to bring kids, however, it is probably best to bring them during the daytime hours.

So, What is the Age Range Then?

Generally we think you would have more fun if you were 10 and up (under 15 need to be accompanied by an adult).  However, due to some of the physicality of a few of the events we think it is more geared towards older kids and adults.  Everyone is welcome though. It is not "inappropriate" in the way that parents are normally concerned about such things. In fact, children under 4 are FREE!

I Don’t Understand This Whole Admission Versus Booth Tickets Thing?  Please Explain (See the First Question).

It is a tad complicated, so hopefully this makes it clear.  In order to get in it costs an admission price.  That’s $10. The reason for this is we have capacity issues and if you are in the event that means someone else isn’t.  There is also plenty going on inside (there is a full-time DJ, a dance floor, and special events that are great for spectators.  You could easily be there for a while having a blast and not spend any money).  If you want to participate in any games then you have to buy Booth Tickets.  When you buy your admission or VIP ticket you get it at the Box Office right outside the event;  the Ticket Booth to play individual games is inside the event.  If you already have an advance ticket you can skip the Box Office and redeem your ticket at the Ticket Booth for the number of tickets associated with your purchase. Certain advance tickets have bonus Booth Tickets attached to them (you get 25 booth tickets for the $20 ticket and 37 tickets for the $30 ticket IN ADVANCE ONLY).  You can buy an Entry only ticket, as well as a VIP Ticket in advance OR at the Box Office.  Once inside the event anyone can buy Booth Tickets right from the Ticket Booth.

What If I Don’t Want to Play Any Games, Can I Just Hang Out?

Yes, we have an Entry Only ticket ($10).  You can just hang out and watch people make fools of themselves in the main event, or dance on the dance floor, or just roam around and soak in the holiday spirit.  If you decide you want to participate, you can go to the ticket booth and purchase some (there is a minimum of 10 tickets for the first purchase day or night). After that you can a la carte it as much as you’d like!

What’s The Advantage Of Buying Tickets In Advance Versus At The Door?

Although there will be tickets at the door, and you are very welcome to do so, there are several reasons why you would buy them in advance.  First, when you buy in advance you get either 25 or 37 booth tickets  (whether it is a Day or Night ticket).  The only tickets available at the Box office are the VIP and the Entry Only.  If you want to buy Booth Tickets at the venue you have to visit the Ticket Booth inside the event. Inside, however, the booth tickets are a 1 to 1 ratio.  For example, you paid $10 to get in to the event.  You're having a great time, but you decide you want to play something.  So let's say you buy 10 tickets.  That's $10. Now you've spent $20 total and you got entry and 10 tickets. If you bought the Day Time $20 ticket in advance you would have had entry and 25 tickets. If you had bought the Night Time ticket for $30 you would have had entry and 37 Tickets!  So you can see the advantage of buying in advance.  We understand some don't want to commit to too much and only want to spend the $10.  Be our guest, you will still have a great time!

Why Would I Buy A VIP Ticket?  $50 Or $60 Is Kind Of Expensive.

You certainly don’t have to buy a VIP ticket to have a good time, but it would make you have an even better time! You see, with your regular admission you get a certain amount of tickets with your entry. Each booth inside costs a certain amount of tickets.  Depending on what you play or participate in, you could run out of tickets earlier than you’d like. The VIP tickets will guarantee that won’t happen.  They Allow you to play every game at least twice.  We have to limit the number of times you can play games that have prizes to TWICE (for obvious reasons), but the events that don’t have prizes you can do as many times as you’d like (Dunk the Savior, Shoot the Peep, Psychotic Bunny Fortune Teller).  Just to give you an idea, if you played every game it would cost $56.  If you played every game twice, ipso facto, it would cost $112. If you played certain games 5,6 7 times…well you get the idea.  You will also get a FREE photo with the Easter Bunny (a $10 savings). The VIP is an enormous deal. So that’s why. 

When Should I Get There And How Long Can I Stay?

Pay close attention when you are buying tickets.  You are buying either a Day Time or a Night Time Ticket (if it is Friday or Saturday.  On Thursday you can ONLY buy a Night Time Ticket and on Sunday you can ONLY buy a Day Time Ticket).  Each Day Time ends promptly at 7, and the closing of the Night ends promptly at the listed hour. So if Day Time ends at 7 pm, that means you have to get your butt outta there at 7 pm, even if you decided to stroll in around 6:30 PM.  So we suggest you get there with enough time to have fun.  We think it should take about an hour for you to enjoy most of the events, but if you were there for an hour and a half to two hours, you’d enjoy it even more.  Other than leaving at closing time, there is no time limit for how long you can be there.

Is There a bar?

Yes! It is a beer and wine bar.  Of course there are soft drinks and juice as well. 

Is There Food?

Yes to that also!  We will have 3 food stations and a little café to sit down in.

Is It Handicap Accessible?


What Should I Wear?

Some of the events ask you to show your athleticism.  So you should dress accordingly.  You can also wear your Sunday’s Best if you’d like, but don’t get mad at us if they get messed up a little. Or you shouldn’t participate in the more strenuous events if you are not dressed for them

What Else Is Going On?

There will be a DJ spinning the entire time and MC’ing the main event.  There is also a dance floor and there will be a special event every day/ night (temper tantrum contest, bunny beauty pageant, egg decorating contest, etc). Find out more here.